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TurboTax Live Screen Sharing Support – Intuit is a company that is based in the US that helps individuals with their personal finances, taxes, and accounting. Some of their most established services include their TurboTax and QuickBooks Online which people use to help keep their taxes and accounting organized. has been designed to help provide people with support when it comes to completing their taxes in the TurboTax software. It can be a helpful service if you’re new to using TurboTax and are feeling unsure about specific parts of the tax preparation process in TurboTax.

The TurboTax screen share feature enables you to receive assistance within the software from an Intuit TurboTax support agent. When using the TurboTax Screen Sharing App you grant a representative from the company is access to see your desktop screen to help you with any issues that you’re having. 


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One of the notable features included with the TurboTax live screen sharing assistance is that it provides the ability for the expert to take remote control of your desktop. As a result, they can help you more quickly and efficiently by fixing issues or navigating you to the correct area of the software more quickly and conveniently. This has resulted in customers having a faster and more helpful experience while dealing with Intuit’s online support. 

This post includes more details about the remote support available from Intuit so that you can feel more assured about using TurboTax Live Screen Share to complete your taxes in TurboTax. 


How To Download the TurboTaxShare Intuit App?

Go to TurboTaxShare Once you open this web page, the application will automatically download. All you need to do is run the file. You’ll then see a range of instructions on your screen which help you to install the software.


Go to glanceguest://visitorshow/ A box will appear with the option for “Open glance protocol handler”. Click on this button to be taken to another box that includes a code.

You need to give this code to the TurboTax Share Intuit agent over the phone which allows them to take remote control of your desktop. This process is put in place to ensure that you can give a representative remote control of your desktop safely and specifically when you want to allow remote access.. 

Some people have found that they struggle to download Intuit’s software on their desktops. Ad-blockers and VPNs are among the most common causes for causing download issues. Therefore, you may want to momentarily pause this type of software on your desktop until after you’ve successfully installed the TurboTax Share software. Furthermore, make sure to check that there aren’t any extensions in your browser that are running and stopping you from downloading files. 


Screen Share TurboTax Support

After you’ve installed the TurboTax screenshare web application, you’ll be allowed to share your screen with a member of the support team available at Intuit. You don’t have to provide them with remote access to control your computer. Instead, you may simply want to share your screen and have an expert talk you through the area that you’re having difficulty with.

The technology that allows you to share your screen and benefit from the remote control is exactly the same at Glance Intuit but for TurboTax user instead of Quickbooks users. This TurboTax share my screen technology can help you feel more at ease when it comes to filing your taxes and ensuring that your accounts are in order. 


Conclusion to

So, that concludes our post about how the TurboTax Screen Sharing software can be installed and used. Hopefully, you’re feeling more confident about how to use this software to help you complete your taxes with less hassle and stress. 

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