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Speaking over the phone with customer support regarding software issues can make troubleshooting excruciatingly difficult and it can take ALOT longer than face-to-face interactions. When getting assistance over the phone, no matter whether you simply don’t know how to use certain features of the software or there are technical glitches you’re stuck trying to explain what you see on your screen while the support agent is stuck guessing as to what you’re actually looking at and the actual problem your having.

This situation is exactly why Glance Intuit® was created and where the screen sharing application comes in handy, saving people time by making the process visual and helping users get quicker resolutions. Glance Intuit makes it as if the agent were there with you in person.

Glance Intuit allows QuickBooks Online and Intuit ProConnect users to remotely share their screen with an Intuit agent, making the customer service experience much better. The agent can see what you see on your screen and even take over to show you how to do complete the task at hand or how to use the feature you’re struggling with.


How to Download Glance Intuit?

Downloading the Windows or Mac application is simple: Just visit the official site at on a Desktop computer (Note: The application is NOT compatible with mobile browsers). When you visit the official site the download will automatically start.

Find the file in your downloads folder and double click to install.


How to Start a Remote Session?

Your next step is to start a remote session. To start a session you will need to call QuickBooks Online customer service department and follow the steps they provide as listed below.

Once on the phone with a QuickBooks support agent you need to ask for the department that offers Glance Intuit remote sessions. After you get connected with the correct department you’ll need to visit Near the bottom left click the “having trouble” link and a little box will popup. Click the link to start Glance.

When you’re ready to connect give the 5-digit code to the Intuit agent you’re speaking with over the phone. The agent will then use this code to activate a remote screen sharing session with your computer allowing them see your screen. You will also have the option to give them remote control of your computer which will let them control you mouse and perform various tasks as needed. If at anytime you decide you are uncomfortable with offering remote access to your computer just click the red hang-up button and you session will end immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Glance Intuit Screen Sharing Work?

The screen sharing tool allows you to share your screen with an Intuit agent and get your help, which is typically quicker than traditional over-the-phone methods that are often burdensome for individuals needing help with software troubleshooting. The Glance Intuit application is extremely lightweight, easy to download and install and in just a few minute you can be on a live screen sharing session with an Intuit expert who can help with all of your questions.

How Can I Update to the Latest Version of Glance Intuit?

Just visit to get the latest version. The official site will always be updated with the latest version of the software.

Does Glance Intuit Work on Mobile Phones?

The Glance Intuit software app unfortunately doesn’t work on mobile phones yet. Glance Networks does offer an app that works on mobile phones but it is not yet integrated with Glance Intuit.

Is It Safe to Give Someone Remote Access to My Computer?

Remote screen sharing support services have been around for many years and are used by some of the biggest software companies in the world like Microsoft for example. You have nothing to worry about when sharing remote access to your computer with a reputable company like such as Intuit. You can expect the agent who initiates a remote session with you to be highly trained. If you’re still a little bit unsure rest assured you can immediately remove remote access if you ever feel uncomfortable.

Does Glance Networks offer Chrome Extension?

The Glance Guest Extension is available from the Chrome Web Store. As of this writing more than 500,000 users have downloaded the app from Google Chrome.

Should I Remove the Software Application after I’m finished?

You can uninstall the app if you would like but it since the application is so incredibly small and takes up minimal resources on your device it is not necessary.

Does Glance Offer Any Integrations?

Glance Guest can be configured with SalesForce, ServiceNow and Dynamics 365 as of this writing. The company is working exhaustively to offer other integrations so check back in the future for new integrations


What is Glance Networks?

Glance Networks in the company behind the software that powers Glance Intuit and Glance CoBrowse. The company launched in 2000 with the intent of helping businesses provide faster and better support to their customers. Their software offers screen sharing, a mobile sharing app, agent videos and much more.

Large companies such as Constant Contact, Axos Financial and Intuit have chosen to partner with Glance Networks because it allows them to offer digital support consultations without requiring a face-to-face meeting.

The agent videos feature allows companies connect with customers in a more personalize setting rather than over the phone providing more of a human element to the interaction. This often results in better outcomes whether your team is trying to close a deal or provide support.

Glance offers many features that are useful for companies, people looking to join secure remote support sessions can greatly benefit from the features it has to offer.


What is Glance Guest?

GlanceGuest is the backbone of the remote screen sharing software offered by Glance Intuit and is powered by Glance Networks. Glance Guest has the flexibility to be integrated with any company’s customer service department if they want to offer live remote screen sharing but don’t have the budget or team to develop their own standalone software.


How to Get Glance Intuit Customer Support

You can visit the getting started guide from Glance or their help page.

For immediate live help the QuickBooks Community forums has wonderful staff and community members that are very responsive. You can start by searching the forums for old threads related to Glance Intuit that may answer your questions. You can also make a new post asking the community for help. Either a community member or someone from Intuit QuickBooks will get back to you with an answer to your question.

You can get in contact with someone at Glance or Intuit by using the following channels.

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