About Glance Intuit


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Glance Intuit is an all-new live remote screen sharing service offered by Intuit in a partnership with Glance. This new service offers users of QuickBooks Online and Intuits ProConnect professional tax software a better way of getting help when they need it. Gone are the confusing days of trying to explain what you are seeing on your computer screen to an agent over the phone. This old way of the software support is outdated and does not offer the best outcomes, often leading to greater customer frustration, dissatisfaction and wasted time.

Study Finds Glance Intuit Offers Outstanding Customer Experience for QuickBooks Users

Millions of business owners and accountants use QuickBooks to keep their or their client books. QuickBooks is the premier bookkeeping and accounting tool for business owners and accountants. A robust set of features is the reason why QuickBooks has continued to be ranked the #1 in the industry. But sometimes with robust features come complexity, confusion and the need for support.


If you’re a QuickBooks user eventually you’ll more than likely need help and Intuit now offers a fantastic remote screen sharing service through Glance Networks. Dubbed Glance Intuit, this remote support application allows Intuit agents to directly connect and view QuickBooks users computer screens and resolve their issue in a matter of minutes.

With options to walk the user through a resolution verbally and visually or an option for remotely controlling the users computer and solving the issue themselves the software is extremely flexible and is truly a one-stop-shop for helping those who need help unlocking all of the features QuickBooks Online has to offer.

Using the Glance Software is simple.

Just visit Glance.Intuit.com to download the software. Then you can start your remote screen sharing session and begin troubleshooting your issue with an Intuit expert right away, all so that you can get back to tending to your clients need in a jiffy.